Arbutus unedo compacta (The strawberry tree)


Arbutus unedo compacta is a evergreen shrub named the Strawberry tree after the red fruit it produces in the Autumn, edible yes, yummy well not exactly, in Portugal they use them to make a spirit called medronho. Small white flushed pink flowers are produced in Autumn as the fruit can take up to a year to mature both fruit and flowers can be on the bush at the same time. Best grown away from strong cold winds in full sun, it is tolerant of seaside conditions and city pollution, low maintenance it does not need pruning ( although you can if you wish) and will naturally form a multi stemmed tree.

Plants are supplied in a 2ltr pot. These plants are no longer “compacta”! and although we will keep them as large as possible they will need to be pruned back for packing.

4 in stock

Hardiness - Hardy to -15c

Aspect - Full sun - semi shade

Soil - Moist well drained

Height - 2mts

Width - 2mts

Flowering - Late summer - Autumn


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