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Cardiocrinum giganteum seed


Cardiocrinum giganteum are native to the Himalayas and westwards to Nepal , a truly stunning plant when in flower which as they are monocarpic they do only once, the main stem will then die but small bulbs will remain at the base and will mature to flower in 5 years. Seeds will take 7 years to reach maturity so this is a long term project but oh so worth the wait! sow seed as fresh as possible and cover with grit, they will need a period of warmth at 15c ( 3 weeks) , then 0-5c ( 3-6 weeks), then back into warmth till germinated, or you can just leave them out and let nature take it’s course. Don’t throw the seed tray away after 12 months as they may still appear after 2yrs.

Packets contain 50 seeds  – £2.50


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Hardiness - Hardy

Aspect - semi- full shade

Soil - moist , well drained

Height - 1.5mts

Width - 45cms

Flowering - June - July


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