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Cardiocrinum giganteum


Want to impress your neighbours? get yourself a Cardiocrinum giganteum , when they come into flower they are a real wow plant. The white trumpet shaped flowers are purple at their base ,highly scented and held on a strong stem that grows rapidly up to 2mts ( or more if you’re lucky!) followed by large seed pods.The leaves are mid green and heart shaped, it is best in a damp but not boggy spot , a bit of leaf mould mixed into the planting hole works well to keep it well drained especially in the winter. Shade or semi shade is also a must, oh yes this plant is monocarpic and the main plant will die after flowering leaving behind several bulbils that will take 5 yrs to grow to flowering size.

Plants are supplied in a minimum 9cm pot and will need 2 years before flowering.

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Hardiness - Hardy

Aspect -

Soil - Well drained

Height - 2mts

Width - 45cms

Flowering - June - July


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