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Dionaea muscipula (Venus fly trap)


Dionaea muscipula the Venus fly trap is happiest with a nice juicy fly between it’s fangs! These are not difficult plants to grow as long as a few rules are followed the first is that traps must not be made to close empty, which of course is the magic of these plants, but each leaf will only close a limited amount of time and then die off so making it close without that juicy fly is basically starving it to death, so you must go fly hunting and feed them if you want to see them perform this trick!  Keep them damp at all times , wetter in the summer and in full sun, if you live in a hard water area use rain water. If you don’t want seed ,don’t let them flower as it will weaken the plant.

Plants are supplied in a 9cm pot

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Hardiness - Winter protection needed

Aspect - Full sun

Soil - Moist - boggy

Height - 5cms

Width - 5-10cms

Flowering - May - July


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