Lemon Verbena , Lippia Citriodora .


Lemon Verbena, Lippia Citriodora has the most lemony scent of all plants, it almost smells like lemon sherbet ( if only there was a scratch and sniff feature on your screen!). Half hardy it is best grown against a wall or in a pot placed near the house, or if you’re in a wet ,cold area bring it in to an unheated greenhouse or polytunnel for the Winter, prune it back in winter/ early Spring to keep it tidy. Use Lemon Verbena in herb tea, stuffings, pot pourri, cakes or just brush your hand across it as you walk past and let it fill the air with it’s incredible scent!

Plants are supplied in 1ltr pots

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Hardiness - Half Hardy

Aspect - Full sun

Soil - Well drained

Height - 2mts ( may get taller with enough warmth)

Width - 1mt

Flowering - June - July


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