Myrtus ugni ( Ugni molinae) “Kapow”


Myrtus ugni “Kapow” is an evergreen shrub also known as the Chilean guava it has small dark green leathery leaves ” Kapow” was named by James Wong waving the flag for unusual edibles,Myrtus ugni “Kapow” produces dark red berries that taste a bit like wild strawberries x kiwi, and are ripe in late Autumn, it’s self fertile too, the fruits make excellent jam or try them in muffins. In May small palest pink bell shaped flowers appear, maybe the common name should have been the lily of the valley tree.It is best grown in a sunny sheltered spot, if you don’t have one it’s equally happy in a pot so that you can move it under cover for the winter.

Plants supplied in a 1L pot.

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Hardiness - Hardy to -10c

Aspect - Full sun - semi shade

Soil - Moist well drained

Height - 1.5mts

Width - 1mtr

Flowering - May - June


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