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Sarracenia x ‘Mieke’


Sarracenia x Mieke is a cheeky looking plant , it almost smiles at you! as with all sarracenias it likes wet conditions in low nutrient medium. If you are in a hard water area you need to use rain water. If you keep it in the house or conservatory it will happily gobble up house flies all summer long, then it is best to put it out for a winter chill in an unheated greenhouse or shed and bring it back inside in February so that you can enjoy the beautiful flowers that come up before the pitchers. No need to feed these plants they get all the food they need from the insects they eat.

Plants are supplied in a 1ltr pot

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Hardiness - Hardy

Aspect - Full sun

Soil - Acid , low nutrient, boggy

Height - 25cms

Width - 20cms

Flowering - April - May


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