Ty Cwm Nursery is now closed to the public but we will be attending several plant fairs through the season. We specialise in Carnivorous plants and unusual perennials, but also sell shrubs, climbers, bedding, fruit and veg plants.

Plant breeding is a slight obsession here and we’re always looking for something new, our breeding programme is small, but some discoveries have made it to the world market.

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The Nursery

When I first started the nursery the original plan was to grow slug proof plants, but I soon shelved that idea when I couldn’t resist all those plants that slugs love too!

As we’re quite high up here, but also down by the river the nursery gets a lot of frost, not exactly the perfect place for a nursery, our plants have to be tough to survive.

The rest of the nursery is mostly south facing with a greenhouse devoted to carnivorous plants, a shade tunnel, (the place to hang out if you’re a slug!) and polytunnels for those more delicates that can’t be resisted!
Generally we try to stock, pest and disease resistant, hardy, unusual, scented, strong growing, beautiful plants that don’t need lots of chemicals to keep them looking good,  we’re peat free and not organic but we’re pretty close!

We are pleased to announce that we are working with the National Botanic Garden of Wales , plants from the nursery that display the bee logo below have been proven to support pollinators by the garden’s scientists. Pollinators are under threat from climate change and pesticide use ,we can make a difference by growing the plants they need to survive!