Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants have developed to grow in places where the nutrients in the soil are poor and they’ve had to get their lunches else where!
It’s important to grow the in the right medium, low nutrient and acid and to avoid tap water if you’re in a hard water area, rain water is always the safest way if you’re not sure.


Sarracenias like full sun and make great fly paper replacements in the house catching flies for years, one large plant will keep the fly population to nil in an average sized room. If you have a less than sunny room 2 plants can be rotated with an outside space.

Sarracenias quite like a cold snap in the winter so when the flies have disappeared plants will benefit from being put in an unheated greenhouse or light shed from December till February.

Then bring them back in March to enjoy the spectacle of the first buds appearing like lollipops that burst into flower.
All our Sarracenias are hardy enough to be planted outside .


Nepenthes are epiphytes growing on trees and rock faces, we grow highland species that are the hardiest and will grow happily in the house in semi shade. They are climbers that grow well in a hanging pot trailing down to make an impressive and very useful house plant!

These aren’t bog plants but don’t like to dry out either.

We don’t feed any of our carnivorous plants as they get everything they need from the insects ( and slugs!) they catch.

We have a selection of other carnivorous plants and hybrid Sarrasenias here at the Nursery, for more information just drop us a line.

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